If you're looking for a hosted desktop, you won't beat the reliability, affordability and top tier services offered by TekReach on the Albatross platform. After going out on my own, they set up encrypted storage and MS Office, personalized my experience and became my own IT department. Turnkey. Always on. Awesome. Call them!

Rob Kosin
Principal Attorney

Our 10-person firm switched over to Albatross Workspaces in January 2020.  The transition was a smooth one and we have found their hosted desktop to be user-friendly and reliable. Additionally, the TekReach Support Team has been extremely helpful to us with any issues that have arisen and have assisted us in installing new software to our network desktop. We are very satisfied with their service and support.

Dana Jennings
Owner, Jennings Law Firm

TekReach has been a great partner to our business.  They have been hosting our systems for a few years and we have been extremely satisfied with their services.  First, their folks are great to work with.  They have always been available to help us work through any design questions or issues.  System uptime is excellent and in the rare situations when there was an issue, they immediately had it fixed.  You can't ask for more from a partner.

Technical, City

I have been with TekReach now for 3 years.  Their service and expertise has been top notch, and as someone who has been a developer for over 26 years, I am definitely qualified to provide this opinion.   One of my business ventures runs a classic ASP application on top of a SQL Server database and I can't remember the last time there was any downtime.  I am very happy to recommend this company to others looking for shared server and cloud based solutions.  Note:  Hosting here isn't as cheap as other places like Godaddy, but the scalability is there and and my web apps don't come to a grinding halt in the middle of the day due to oversharing resources like Godaddy has done many times in the past.  You get what you pay for, and in this case the value is there.

Brad Churchill
Owner, Choklat

Insurance and Capital Management has used Tek Reach since we opened.  The cloud costs are very competitive and they are very responsive with any issues or help needed both with the cloud and outside of the cloud (like hardware issues etc.)

Stacy Brattager
Principal, Insurance Capital management

Great company and pleasure to deal with. In these days of not speaking with a live person this us not the case. There's always someone to answer our calls and help out.  We highly recommend  this company and have used them for many years.

Horizon Entertainment

I had such a positive experience with this company, the people who work here are so kind and patient and helpful.

Nicole Farr
Dentist, Dr. Nicole Farr DMD

We recently purchased the news slider for SharePoint. We had some questions about various configuration options, and Karim was able to connect to my machine via the web and walk through the setup with me. He also helped me make a couple of minor changes that made the slider work much better within our environment. Great product, and a good experience overall with customer support. Thanks very much!

Jason Graves

Researched a number of possible host for our SharePoint, decided on TekReach, and they were wonderful. Prompt responses during the engagement and setup, quick answers to a few questions during configurations, and almost no changes required because they got it right the first time. I would not hesitate to recommend TekReach again.

Don L. Stewart

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